US Embassy Liberia Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program 2021

US Embassy Liberia Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program 2021
US Embassy Liberia Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program 2021
⌛️ Deadline: April 30, 2021
🇱🇷 Country: Liberia
🏆 Funding: The average range for grant awards is from $5000.
🌏 Eligibility: Liberia Citizen

The United States of America Embassy in Liberia wishes to inform the general public in Liberia that applications for the Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program for the 2021 Cycle in now in progress till April 30, 2021.

The Special Self-Help Fund (SSH) is a grassroots support program, which started in Togo in 1964, but has evolved substantially since then like an ambitious and modest self-help program. Applications from the community for a small community-based development project which promises immediate impact by Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund can be answered directly.

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The Special Self-Help Fund (SSH) of the Ambassador supports civic organizations in Liberia with the creation of sustainable, autonomous projects for whole communities. Since 2004, Government grants have contributed to the modernisation of agriculture, economic growth, improvement of sanitation, empowerment for disadvantaged communities (women, young people, and disabled), better infrastructure and access to clean water, safety and education. Approximately twelve to 15 initiatives are funded each year by the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund.

Benefits of the Program

  • Funding Instrument: Fixed Amount Award
    • Floor of Individual award: $1,000
    • Ceiling of Individual award: $10,000
    • The average range for grant awards is from $5000.

Evaluation Criteria

  • SUSTAINABILITY: The organization demonstrates a clear plan for sustainable activity or impact of the activity after the grant period of performance
  • BENEFICIARY CONTRIBUTION: Beneficiary contribution is very important to the program as the name “Self Help” suggests and beneficiaries are expected to contribute significantly to their project. The contribution may include labor, local materials (sand, wood, rocks, and bricks) land, cash, etc.
  • IMPACT: The project benefits the greatest number of people possible or has significant community effects.
  • ACHIEVABLE WITHIN SSH PROGRAM CYCLE: The application demonstrates the activity can be implemented within twelve months.


  • Application forms are available at the main gate of the U.S. Embassy compound on Benson Street or can be downloaded here (PDF 631 KB).
  • For additional information, contact the Self Help Coordinator at 231-777-958-072/0776-777-272 or via email at



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