United Nations Accepting Application for Volunteers

United Nations Accepting Applications for Volunteers
United Nations Accepting Applications for Volunteers
⏳ Deadline: Varies
🏠 Institutions: United Nations
👩‍💻 Positions: Volunteers
🌏 Eligibility: Open to all

United Nations, the highest governing body of all nations on the planet is calling on citizens of all countries that are a member of the United Nations to apply for various volunteering positions to be station in member countries worldwide. This process is part of the United Nations’ normal screening procedure to recruit more talents from around the world. Voluntary work abroad is an unsurpassed opportunity to serve as a global citizen. Global United Nations Volunteers promote peace and prosperity in countries around the world while upholding United Nations values and expectations.

Volunteering with the United Nations is awesome because the UN consists of volunteers from about one hundred and sixty-three (163) with different cultures, backgrounds, religions, and language among others.
Working with the United Nations as Volunteers will have a lasting impact. It can generate a ripple effect that stretches far beyond the immediate consequences of your actions, for both the people you represent and yourself.

Careers in demand are:
Development and Project Management
(Environment, Community development, Programme and Project development, Project management, Monitoring & Evaluation)
Legal Affairs: (Human Rights, Protection, Resettlement, Reintegration, Repatriation, Refugee Status Determination, Child Protection
Political Science: (Civil Affairs, Political Affairs,
Public Information: (Reporting and External Relations)
Engineering: (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering)
Health: (General Health, Public Health)

Benefits of volunteering
* All United Nations Volunteers are compensated with a allowances
* Volunteers are covers under insurances throughout volunteering period
* United Nations cover traveling expenses for all volunteers to their destination assignments and also provided annual leave.
* Resettlement allowance is awarded in the package of the volunteer upon successful completion of the assignment.
* Settlement grant is allocated for the volunteer before starting assignments.
* Volunteering assignment usually runs for six (6) to twelve (12) months with a possibility of extension if needed.

Eligibility Criteria to serve as Volunteer
* To be eligible applicants must have obtained at least their first Degree or higher technical diploma from recognized learning institutions.
* Must be 25 years and above to serve as a volunteer.
* Must have at least two years of professional work experience in a professional occupation.
* Must know one of the United Nations working languages ( English, French or Spanish)
* Ability to work under stress, work in a remote location.
* Able to live in difficult living condition

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