Maxwell Yennego Jr
Founder and Executive Director

Ambassador Maxwell Yennego Jr is the Founder and Visionary of opportunities WorldWide, a youth leader, change-maker, and ambassador for global citizenship education at the Asian-Pacific Culture of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) online campus. Conscientious and skilled personnel with half dozen years of in-depth expertise in info Technology, Business, youth support, and community services. An extremely organized and economical person, with a radical and correct approach to project implementation, that has created wonderful results up to now. The idea of this platform came after the Ebola epidemic in 2014 in his country Liberia, many lives were lost, and youth unemployment increase, schools were closed for a few months to avoid more movement. In 2016 he decided to establish a social enterprise to tackle youth unemployment through capacity building programs, meetups, boot camps and women empowerment programs. Through that, he founded Opportunities WorldWide in 2016, to build the capacity of young people. From the beginning of the program till now, more than 100+ plus young people have benefited from various training and are working in various Government ministries and NGOs. 

George Tellewoyan
Chief Administrator

George Tellewoyan is a Statistician, International Consultant in Data Science, Programming, Database Development and Administration, Information Technology Support Professional and an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology Industry.

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Upon his return home in late 2017 from la Côte d'Ivoire; where he earned his Degree in Statistics, Economics and Computer Programming; he joined the Opportunities WorldWide team as a way of contributing to the development of young people. Especially, at a time when the economic and social climates are challenging. As a skilful Research and Development (R&D) Oriented Professional, he has been instrumental in Managing and Leading the Senior Management Team of the organisation.

Mr Tellewoyan is a Market Researcher, Entrepreneur. He has worked with several local and International Institutions in and out of Liberia. Mr Tellewoyan is a graduate of ÉCOLE NATIONALE SUPÉRIEUR DE STATISTIQUE ET D'ÉCONOMIE APPLIQUÉE (ENSEA) in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast.

Francis Massaquoi
Content Manager

Francis F. Massaquoi, Jr is a Full Stack Python Developer, Frontend and Backend Web Developer who use Django for Backend Development, and HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery for Frontend Development of the project. Born to be a pen tester he had to move to Linux, making him a Linux Addict. He is Self-Tech, meaning he teaches himself using the internet for study purpose. He also has mentors that guide him in his learning process and have few skills in networking.

Carlos S. Nah Jr
Web Master

Carlos S. Nah Jr is a Full-stack Web Developer with two Years’ experience in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP and MySQL. He is a learner who always eager to learn new skills, his life is simple by acquainting with new things every day.