Opportunity for Agribusiness Women in Africa

Opportunity for Agribusiness Women in Africa
Opportunity for Agribusiness Women in Africa

Are you a woman in Agribusiness under age 40 and in need of business support systems to move your Agribusiness to the next level? Then Ignite 2019 is for you. Ignite started in 2016 to connect like-minded women on the continent to create jobs and wealth.
In the past three years, Igniters have benefited from hands-on residential training, Agribusiness simulations, best practices, internship, access to financial streams, field trips, direct coaching and mentoring.

Agriturismo relates to agriculture, but the word oddly is often not used to apply to farming. Alternatively, agri-business most often means a farm-related company providing agricultural products, including machinery and supplies of grain. Agricultural company is also used to identify companies involved in selling agricultural products, such as distributors, wholesalers, producers, retailers and more. The use of the term agriculture by critics of corporate agriculture has created an aura of negative effect around the term, associated with large corporations and companies producing environmentally dubious, non-organic products while ensuring a more sustainable and smaller farm.

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Igniters also want to have fun to reset their minds for business. We have therefore embedded a retreat package in Ignite 2019 program.

In Kanthari, India originated from the two Swahili words Guza(touch) and Kuza(grow) during a concept transformation chapter. We are living with Guzakuza by growing agri-preneurs, growing a new generation of rich graduates, and cultivating healthy biological products. We use agriculture and industry to improve our attitude in society.

We stress the fact that this sector is not just concerned with the field production, but also with all the farm-to-table processes (crowding, manufacturing, engineering, packaging, distribution, transport, advertising etc.)

We simply can’t wait to have you on board.

Location: Accra, Ghana

Eligibility Criteria

1. African Women in Agribusiness
2. Aged under 40
3. Burning desire to create jobs and wealth


The application is done online through the link here. APPLY HERE


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