Meet Prince W. Duo Jr our Global Citizen awardee

Opportunities Worldwide in collaboration with The Way of Life Cambodia shine a light on a Youth Leader, Global Citizenship Education Advocate (GCED), and a Change-maker name Prince W. Duo Jr from Republic of Liberia, West Africa.

Mr. Prince W. Duo Jr. Is an inspiring and innovative young Liberian who is passionate about Global Change, Peace Building, Education, Gender Equality, Advocacy, Environmental Sustainability, and Youth Empowerment. Based on Prince’s passion for championing the cause for change in society, he has initiated and participated in many youth programs, community dialogue, peace talks, and youth empowerment initiative both locally and internationally.

Work and Initiatives

  • He served as the vice president for the Young African Gender Equality and End Stereotype Initiative where he lunched the stop stereotyping campaign under the theme HE4SHE and SHE4HE promoting and supporting women in Leadership.

Philip S. Bargin, Jr from Monrovia, Liberia is our Global Citizen awardee

  • Lunched the Liberian youth have your say Campaign in Liberia in order to solicit signatures and views of many Liberians on issues affecting their lives with recommendations and policies implementation on how the national government can see the need in helping to mitigate those confronting challenges.
  • He served as a representation of Liberia at the Global Peace Chain where he managed to initiate many peace talks and community dialogue around the country.
  • He lunched a street Campaign under the theme: helping the under kids privilege get back to school.
  • He has organized many educative and impactful workshops and capacity building programs for Liberians.
  • He represented Liberia at the Delhi International United Nations Model Conference in India
  • Participated in the West Africans Youth Speak Forum, Africa Raising summit, and many programs globally.

“Board of Director: Today we openly recognized your achievements and contributions to society for the betterment of your belove country”


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