Meet Mohammed Kerkulah a Passionate Liberian Changing Lives

Opportunities Worldwide in collaboration with The Way of Life Cambodia shine a light on a Youth Leader, Global Citizenship Education Advocate (GCED), and a Change-maker name Mohammed Kerkulah from the Republic of Liberia, West Africa.

Mohammed Kerkulah is from Liberia and a third-year student studying Social Work with a concentration in Research and Environment. He is the Acting Assistant Regional Associate for Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA West Africa) and the President of (YALDA Liberia), an international youth organization established in Harvard University 2004 by African students for the purpose of inspiring and empowering young African leaders with critical leadership skills to champion the development of the African continent. He has conducted training for many young people across Africa and beyond, in the area of Environment, Education, Leadership, etc.

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He is the Founder/Executive Director of Youth for Transformation Education and Sustainable Development (YOTED Liberia), a youth organization promoting the SDGs of the United Nations 2030 agenda and youth empowerment and involvement in development. Currently, he is the Country Coordinator for Global Youth Parliament Liberia Chapter, where he coordinates the affairs of the country in providing solutions to global challenges and making youth get involved with Policy, Global Peace, Entrepreneurship, Good Governance, Democracy, Leadership, and Harmony.

Mohammed has facilitated a series of training on the UN Charter, SDGs, and African Union agenda 2063. He has organized series of community impact projects and initiatives which includes, cleaning up, environmental safety and health, donation of food and material items to less privileged orphanages in various communities of over 200 children, community empowerment programs, climate change, movement, and action awareness, among others.

He also volunteers for numerous organizations including the United Nations and African Union, as well as Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI), Liberia Charter, where he works with other change-makers to advocate against violence against children and women. Creates human rights awareness, and expose ills in society affecting people’s right.

Mohammed Kerkulah is currently a student of  Global Citizenship Education (GCED) reading Global Citizenship for SDGs. He envisions to become a global leader and to solve global challenges. Moreover, his values are service-focused, proactive, professionalism, integrity, mission, and vision-driven, excellent, and result-oriented.

Mohammed: “I am keen, ambitious, passionate, and committed to securing an opportunity to contribute my expertise and learn whenever necessary. The world is an interconnected place that needs solidarity, interconnection, interdependence, and full unity to impact and create positive change that will affect the entire globe”.

“Board of Director: Today we openly recognized your achievements and contributions to society for the betterment of your belove country”


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