Job Vacancy for IT Technician at OMEGA Management Services, Liberia

Job Vacancy for IT Technician at OMEGA Management Services, Liberia
Job Vacancy for IT Technician at OMEGA Management Services, Liberia

Deadline: January 20, 2020

OMEGA Management Services is seeking to qualify an individual to fill the vacant post of Information Technology Technician (IT Technician) in Monrovia, Liberia.

The role oversees the company’s network technology, IT security and software applications and can help set up data storage infrastructure as well as access protocols and regulations. In addition, ICT protects both Company confidentiality and security information in a data network that unifies data management, enables data accessibility to be consistent and managed.

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • The IT Technician will manage resources and processes required to design, plan, and support all information products and services of OMEGA Management Services.
  • You must be able to research and evaluate new technologies to be used as enhancements or upgrades to existing servers, networks, and other IT infrastructure equipment at the main office, branches and all other areas that are needed.
  • Selecting and managing antivirus software solutions for the institution.
  •  Design systems that restrict browser activity across the hardware and network of the company.
  • Most importantly, Prepare, maintain and maintain IT procedures and documentation related to the operations of our processes and platforms.
  • Design, Install, configure and administer databases
  • Setting up our Local Area Network
  • Troubleshooting
  • Programming
  • Each Friday, give the President & CEO a weekly report of your probationary period on the following topics: agile, administrative manual structure, IT protection and beginner insurance courses.
  • Able to perform all other tasks your supervisor has instructed to achieve the company’s ultimate success and the goals of Management & Shareholders.
  • The technician will supervise, train and hire new employees for the growth and development of the institution.
  • Knowledge of network architecture and client/server technologies.


  • The applicant must be a team player. Communication proficiency, Technical Capacity & Decision making.
    • BS in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field.
    • Must have five (5) years plus work experience in Information Technology.
    • Must show medical clearance, we only accept results from ( SOS Medical Clinic, JFK Medical Center, ELWA Hospital, Catholic Hospital, Malag Clinic, and Snapper Hill Clinic)
    • Both verbal and written English communication skills.
    • Have customer service and relationship building skills
    • Above all must be a team player.
    • Time management


Application is accepted online via the link below, the only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.


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