Job Vacancy for Cocoa Field Officer in Liberia

Job Vacancy for Cocoa Field Officer in Liberia
Job Vacancy for Cocoa Field Officer in Liberia

Deadline: July 31, 2020

Atlantic Cocoa Processing and Export Company is recruiting two persons based in Liberia to occupy the position of Cocoa Field Officer.

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Field officer(s) shall be responsible for building successful business relationships with farmer cooperatives in targeted Atlantic Trading Company’s cocoa-producing areas (in Liberia). Task-related to coordinating supply chain development activities between the company and partner cooperatives. The field officer will lead to activities with international partners and will take the lead in aligning & coordinating project design and implementation with both project, LBCs, and cocoa farmer group partners.

The Field officer will be a) leading project activities for Atlantic Trading Company, b) delivering GAP training to partner cocoa producer cooperatives/groups, and c) reporting to Atlantic Trading Senior Management and to development partners. The Field Officer will be required to travel extensively to the field areas and sub-office and main office if required.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Lead on company field works and relationships with various farm groups
  • Coordinate other partnerships to ensure a consistent supply of cocoa from all suppliers in the supply chain
  • To work in close coordination with technical service providers and ensure farmer groups deliver the quality of work
  • Support the activities of Technical Assistant providers working on behalf of the company through farmer groups
  • Ensure the successful implementation of project activities and manage field trade deliverables
  • Ensure quality and post-harvest handling practices are adhered to as recommended by management
  • Coordinate pick-up and transportation schedule between central warehouse and the farm gate
  • Monitor and report on the rapidly changing environment and actively contribute and advice management for decision making
  • Evaluate completed projects in conjunction with other program staff.
  • The Field Officer must understand and follow the regulatory provisions governing his/her Activities

Skills & Experience:

  • Candidate must have 4-3 years’ experience working with Cocoa Producer Groups in Liberia
  • Mush have a strong understanding of Liberia’s Cocoa Sector
  • Must have strong leadership, management, and organizational skills
  • Must be highly pro-active and takes initiative
  • Must be strong in systems thinking
  • Must be Innovative and creative
  • Must be capable of building collaborative working relationships
  • Must have the ability to handle multiple projects
  • Excellent in priority setting and execution skills
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience co-designing and implementing agribusiness supply chain development interventions
  • Must have a strong understanding of General Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Cocoa producing smallholder farmers
  • Extensive experience delivering training to farmer groups using the TOT model
  • Experience co-designing and implementing agribusiness supply chain development interventions


All those interested and qualify for the job should send their application to Deadline for submission is July 31,2020



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