Great Opportunity: Global Peace Summit in Ukraine

Great Opportunity: Global Peace Summit in Ukraine
Great Opportunity: Global Peace Summit in Ukraine

Deadline: November 5, 2019

Good news for all young people around the world, the Global Peace Summit in Ukraine application is now in progress till November 5, 2019. There is funding available from fully funded to partial funding.

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The Global Peace Summit of Ukraine offers exceptional young, talented and ambitious peacebuilders from over 100 countries an opportunity to develop their ideas and maps to achieve the goals of sustainable development and promote peace in society to fight extreme violence, hatred, and discrimination of all kinds.This conference aims at connecting empowering youth, improving their expertise in peace education, exchanging ideas and sharing projects, networking with like-minded individuals and leaders worldwide.

The purpose of this summit is to connect inspiring young people, develop their skills in peace education, help them share ideas and projects, as well as to work together with like-minded people and world leaders. This conference will also give students and youth people the opportunity, through various peace meetings, lectures, group discussions, and events with international delegates and speaker, to provide a concept on the “Way for peace, inclusiveness and the fight against the war of the fifth generation.”

The Ukrainian Global Peace Summit aims at encouraging mutual understanding, youth capacity building, social harmony, exposure and young brain interactions under one umbrella. The objective of GPSUA is also to encourage young people to resolve conflicts, to strengthen their social justice voice and to create a harmonious environment in communities and societies.

Benefits of attending the conference

  • You will get great networking opportunity
  • You will get mentorship
  • Airfare from your home country to Ukraine
  • Accommodations and meals will be provided
  • You will get a certificate of participation
  • You will be able to share your work with others

The eligibility criteria to apply is

  • You must be between the ages of 16 – 32 years
  • You must be able to pay the application fees of  $32 USD ( If not selected it will be refunded)
  • You must be a youth leader making positive change


Applications are done online completely, just click on the link below.


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