Call for Journalist: Reporting Rural Poverty and Agricultural Development in Italy (FULLY FUNDED)

Call for Journalist: Reporting Rural Poverty and Agricultural Development in Italy (FULLY FUNDED)
Call for Journalist: Reporting Rural Poverty and Agricultural Development in Italy (FULLY FUNDED)

Deadline: January 6, 2020

Great opportunity for journalists around the world to apply for the Reporting Rural Poverty and Agricultural Development workshop in Italy 2020, moreover, it is fully funded for all participants.

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It is important to listen to their experiences and voices in order to ensure that the everyday issues facing rural poor people and their communities are understood.  We will put together journalists from around the world to engage in Rome’s event in relation to creative approaches to sustainable rural development financing with support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the UN specialist organization.  The 2030 Global Agenda calls for innovative strategies to promote sustainable and equitable investment. Such approaches are designed to align private and public investors with shared objectives for sustainability and to mobilize diverse sources of development financing (including climate finance and privately held financing), channeling them towards rural investors, including small farmers and rural SMEs.

At the meeting, high-quality speakers, leading experts in the fields such as IFAD and the United Nations, as well as smallholder farmers, will be able to access journalists. IFAD works with the people most affected by hunger, food security, inequality between men and women, the environment and climate change. This is not to be regarded as a one-off workshop; we should, in fact, expect all journalists chosen to participate after the workshop in their countries to tell stories about these issues.

Benefits of attending

  • There will be a full scholarship available for journalists from developing countries working for established institutions.
  • Round trip economy class plane ticket from your home country to Italy (If selected you will be responsible for obtaining a visa on your own, you will be provided with all necessary documentation to help you in the process).
  • You will be provided with accommodation, meals, and local transportation while in Italy.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must be full-time journalists or regular contributors to a media organization.
  •  Applicants must have at least two years ‘ work experience and a high level of spoken and written English and must be able to show dedication to a career in journalism in their country.
  • We also want to see your interest in rural issues and development shown in our professional field.
  • If your covers finance then you are hardly encouraged to apply for the workshop.

HOW TO APPLY? Applications are accepted online, the required documents to apply are CV or biography, statement of motivation and two (2) examples of your work. APPLICATIONS LINK HERE


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