Apply Now For The Fully Funded World Youth Summit In Egypt 2019.

Apply Now For The Fully Funded World Youth Summit In Egypt 2019.
Apply Now For The Fully Funded World Youth Summit In Egypt 2019.

Deadline: November 10, 2019

Application for the Fully Funded World Youth Forum in progress till the 10 of November 2019. The workshop will bring together young people from diverse backgrounds to learn the necessary skills in order to solve some of the problems in our society.

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The World Youth Forum was held in November 2017, when the worldwide youth organization engaged in an enriching environment, allowing them to share views and educate decision makers and leading figures on initiatives. Since then, it has been a forum for young people, who are committed to building a better place for all, in touch with top political leaders and promising young people from across the country and around the world. A wide range of participants, including heads, international youth leaders and prominent international figures from all over the world, participate in the World Youth Forum. The event includes leading international young people in different fields as well as prominent international leaders.

A forum created by promising youth is the World Youth Forum. This gives the whole world a message of peace, prosperity, harmony, and development. This includes young people from all over the world in an enriching environment, allowing them to share experiences with decision-makers and influence. The forum is an opportunity for you to collaborate with leading policymakers, a network of promising young people in the region and around the world, who want our planet to be better for all.

The World Youth Theater is a hub for young people and promising artists from around the world are brought together in a range of art-related activities including music, acting / theater, stand-up comedy, painting, dance and more, in order to exhale their exceptional talents and their cultures. In 2018, 132 performers from 23 countries came together for the first edition of the World Youth Theater.
This year the second edition of the World Youth Theater welcomes numerous additional talents as part of our growing family, in which nothing will stop you disclosing your art and talent worldwide.

Eligibility Criteria

  • We looking for promising young people with a real passion for solving a problem and taking measures for a better world.
  • We looking for young leaders with a social, technical and academic background in the topics addressed.
  • However, please note that some activities are restricted only to certain regions in the area addressed but we encourage all nationalities to apply for the forum.
  • You can apply for multiple events throughout the year if you register on the website. The registration does not automatically guarantee your attendance because it depends on a number of factors: the amount, and connection to the subject of the case, of candidates, obtained qualifications.

Benefits of attending the forum:

  •  We will provide you round trip airfare from your home country to Egypt.
  • We will provide you accommodation, feeding, etc.
  • We will provide your local transport in Egypt throughout the event.
  • We will provide you security.
  • You will receive a certification of participation.
  • You will visit tourist sites in Egypt.


All applications must be lodged online through the institution website below.


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