Apply for the Global Peace Summit in Malaysia 2020

Apply for the Global Peace Summit in Malaysia 2020
Apply for the Global Peace Summit in Malaysia 2020

Deadline: January 30, 2020 

Young people from around the world are now invited to apply for one of the biggest youth conferences in the world, the Global Peace Summit that will take place in Malaysia in 2020. The conference seeks to invite change-makers, policymakers, global citizenship education advocates, entrepreneurs, etc from all around the world to come together and discuss how to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Goals by 2030. Even thou it is self-funded, there are also some funds available to support a few numbers of people that can not afford it.

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This summit will also provide an opportunity for students and young leaders to come up with solutions and theory on “Advancing a Peaceful & Inclusive World and Countering the Fifth Generation War” by participating in various peace sessions, talks, group discussions, and international delegates and speaker’s activities. The Malaysia 2020 Global Peace Summit will lead to the beginning of mutual understanding, youth capacity building, social harmony, visibility and engagement with young minds under a single umbrella. GPSUM also aims at engaging young people in conflict resolution, growing their voice for social justice and building a harmonious atmosphere between cultures and societies.

Overview of the program

  • The summit will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from February 26-29, 2020.
  • Is self-funded for the participant but there are some funding available for deserving participant.
  • Application fees are $25 United States Dollars (USD) which is the processing fees fro the program (50 scholarships will be provided from partial to fully funded).
  • If you are not selected for a fully-funded scholarship then you will be selected for a partial scholarship.
  • If you are not selected in any of the three categories the organizer will refund your application fees.

Benefits of attending

  • Opportunity to meet international youth leaders
  • Visa assistance
  • Panel discussion during the summit
  • Forum discussion
  • Awards and certification will be provided upon completion
  • Opportunity to present your culture to the outside world
  • Opportunity to visit tourist sites


  • Applicant between the ages of 18 – 35 years old
  • Young professionals, students, changemakers


Application is accepted online via the organizer website, the applicant will be notified via the email of their selection.




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