Apply for the Fully Funded World Youth Forum in Egypt 2022

Apply for the Fully Funded World Youth Forum in Egypt 2022
Apply for the Fully Funded World Youth Forum in Egypt 2022

Deadline: December 15, 2021

About World Youth Forum

The World Youth Forum was first held in November 2017 where it engaged youth globally in an enriching set-up, allowing them to exchange views and recommend initiatives to decision-makers and influential figures. Since then, it has become a chance for youth to engage with top policymakers, network with promising youth from the region and the world that are determined to make our world a better place for everyone. The World Youth Forum is attended by a wide range of participants, including but not limited to heads of states and government, international young leaders, inspiring youth in various fields, prominent international figures, and youth groups from around the world.

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World Youth Forum is open to all youth of all nations; who believe in their power of making changes and aim to become influential within their communities.


  • All nationalities are welcome to apply, however, please note that some events will be restricted only to specific regions given the topic discussed.
  • Dedicated promising youth with a real passion to solve problems and come up with initiatives for a better world.
  • Young leaders who have personal, professional, and educational experience related to the event-discussed topics.
  • It is open to all youth of all nations between the ages of 18-40 years old.

To attend the conference:

Once your account is validated and selected for participation, you will:
Step 1: Receive your E-Invitation
Step 2: Choose your desired flight dates
Step 3: Receive your E-Ticket
Step 4: Apply for Visa
Step 5: Receive your Accommodation details

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